Fire Fighter Visit – October 8th

The fire fighters can only give us one day to visit this year. We have 7 classes at Preschool. We are inviting the classes who do not normally meet on a Thursday to join us with their parents to visit with the fire fighters.

10:00am- Ms. Nataliya & Ms. Carmen’s 3 yr. old morning classes. We ask parents to join us at 10:45am to go outside to visit the fire truck.

11:00am- Ms. Nataliya & Ms. Carmen’s 4 yr. old morning classes and Ms. Carmen’s 3yr. old M/W afternoon class. Parents and children attend together for the presentation and fire truck.

1:45pm- Ms. Nataliya’s 4yr. old afternoon class and Ms. Carmen’s 3yr. old T/Th afternoon class. Parents please join us at 2:15 if you would like to go outside with your child to see the fire truck.

If you have any questions please call (403 678-2538) or email