Good Luck to Ms. Nancy! She’s moving on from Preschool

A Message from the Teachers

As you may have heard, our long-time administrator, Nancy McGinn, is graduating from preschool! She is retiring in January. Nancy joined the inaugural teachers, Janet Haas and Kathi Newman, in 2000 as the preschool’s first and only administrator to date. Kathi describes Nancy’s addition to the team as an immediate presence of “peace over the whole preschool operation.” Nancy has been the preschool’s welcoming ambassador ever since.

When Nancy arrived on the scene, she brought with her a wealth of past experience as a teacher and as an operator of her own daycare and preschool businesses. Good thing for her diverse background, because her role as preschool administrator has called on her to juggle all of these hats at some point or another! Between her outstanding organizational skills and her instinctive ability to liaison between the preschool Board, our parents, we teachers and other community groups, we salute her dedication which has kept this ship of ours sailing. Time after time, she has offered kind support to many, far beyond her job description. Throughout it all, Nancy’s prevailing concern and care has always been in the best interest of our students, your children, and our program. For this unwavering vision and its invaluable contribution to our preschool community, we are truly grateful.

One of Nancy’s greatest pleasures during these 15 years has been to work alongside such wonderful families, board members and community colleagues. Please join us for a family friendly drop-in to honour her contributions, friendship, wit and wisdom on Thursday, January, 21 between 3:30 and 5:30pm. We hope to see you there!

Although we will miss Nancy’s daily presence here, we wish her all the best in the next chapter. We hope that it includes less driving and more time with her grandchildren!

Carmen and Nataliya