Frozen Flatbread Fundraiser – Product Pick Up June 13th 3-5pm

flatbread logoPick up went very smoothly – Thanks to the volunteers who helped out! And thanks to all who bought and sold and made flatbread!


Previous info:

We are selling frozen flatbreads again! Nutritious, delicious, locally made, these flatbreads are the ultimate easy family dinner after a busy day in the mountains. We hope you stock your freezer and your friends stock theirs as well!

Place orders online until May 29th, 2016, at 6pm.

Pick up product on Monday, June 13th between 3-5pm at Preschool.

To order please go to:

You can use the invite code “2” to place an order and Lindsey will be your contact person (403-678-2538), or if you are a preschool parent, please click “Register” at the top to get your own invite code. Then give the website and your invite code to anyone who wants to order!

2016 Rocky Mountain Fundraiser MENU

2016 Rocky Mountain Fundraiser ORDER FORM

Thanks for supporting Preschool!