Seeking Board Members for 2021-2022

We are a parent cooperative run by a board of parent volunteers. Please join the board to have a say in our program! If you volunteer for one of the following positions, your child’s class placement will be guaranteed and the duties will fulfill your volunteer hours for the year. (You will still need to take your turns as parent of the day in rotation with the other families in your class.) Please call the office to volunteer – 403-678-2538.

Open positions:
Vice Chair

Assumes the duties of the Chairperson in her/his absence. Oversees and manages the Casino.

Volunteer Coordinator

Organizes volunteers for all Preschool activities as needed. Tracks volunteer hours and assists Room Parents.

Fundraising Coordinator

Organizes one spring fundraiser. Sometimes assists other positions.

Artisans Assistant (2 Positions)

Assists the Artisans’ Market Coordinator as required until the event on the third weekend in November.