Fee & Schedule for 2020-2021

Dear Preschool Families,
Our board of parent volunteers has been closely following the various stages of guidance from AB Health & Licensing. New rules will not allow our program to run as originally planned, but we do have a tentative plan for the fall.
Based on current provincial guidelines, we believe we can run programs next year with the following modifications –
  • maximum class size of 9 or 10 children, depending on the class
  • staggered start times
  • no volunteering in class (parents cannot be allowed in the building)
  • health screening at daily drop off (children cannot attend if sick)
  • no shared spaces between classes (washroom will be divided, no gym)
  • 13% fee increase (3yoPM class will also have an additional class day each week, so that class has a new fee structure)
  • each family will be required to buy a $200 Save-on-Foods grocery card each month (or opt out and add $20 to your monthly fees). You receive the full amount on a grocery card, but Save-On-Foods gives Preschool a 10% discount, which we keep.
The class schedule & fees would be as follows:
  • 3yoAM Carmen T/Th 8:45-11:00, $146/month
  • 3yoAM Claire T/Th 9:00-11:15, $146/month
  • 3yoPM Claire T/W/Th 12:45-2:45 (one class 3 days/week), $175.50/month
  • PreKAM Carmen M/W/F 8:45-11:45, $182.50/month
  • PreKAM Claire M/W/F 9:00-12:00, $182.50/month
  • PreKPM Carmen M-Th 12:30-3:30, $245.50/month
We have tried to make the fee increases as reasonable as we can, and we hope the grocery card will work for many of you in lieu of additional fees. We anticipate losing about $35,000 in fundraising this year from the closure of AB casinos and likely cancellation of the Artisans Market in November. Fundraising usually covers about 25% of our budget. We will also have additional costs, plus lower overall revenue due to restrictions on class sizes – each teacher is allowed to be in one cohort of 30, when we normally have capacity for 93 kids. We are actively seeking other sources of funding to replace our major fundraising events, and if we receive grants & gifts for which we’ve applied, we will look at adjusting fees downward when/if we are able.
Of course, there may be changes as time passes. If things go well through the fall, restrictions may loosen. If AB experiences outbreaks, restrictions may tighten. We really appreciate your understanding and patience as we all navigate this changing landscape.
Thank you & best wishes,
The Preschool Board