Full-Time Administrative Assistant

Position posted 22 July 2020. Open until filled.

Work Schedule:

  • The standard work schedule will be from mid-August (start date is roughly two weeks before the first day of preschool) to one week after the preschool closure in June each year. 
  • Working hours will be 28 hours per week with office hours to coincide with regularly scheduled classes.
    • 8:30-3:30 Mon (7 hours)
    • 8:30-3:30 Tues (7 hours) (Tues morning is the time for offsite errands – bank, post office, supplies, etc.)
    • 8:30-3:30 Wed (7 hours)
    • 12:00-3:30 Thurs (3.5 hours)
    • 8:30-12:00 Friday (3.5 hours)


  • Must provide a clear Vulnerable Sector background check from the RCMP before beginning work.
  • Must be able to obtain the Child Development Assistant (CDA) certification within 3 months of hiring. The free online training course is offered by AB Government once the job has been offered.
  • Must be able to obtain childcare first aid & CPR training within 3 months of hiring.


Classroom Support

  • Create & maintain balanced classes in consultation with the teachers & board, and while communicating a clear & fair process to families.
  • Assist the Children’s Events Coordinator to ensure that the classroom calendar is complete & visitors, field trips, and school buses are confirmed.
  • Confirm gym & play-yard times with the Daycare, and give them a monthly calendar of those times.
  • Assist teachers with Literacy Circles and baby visits.
  • Prepare and post monthly Parent of the Day calendars at the Preschool. Monitor calendars.
  • Provide assistance to the teachers as necessary; Sub into the classroom if needed.
  • Purchase & pick up any supplies requested by the teachers.
  • Be on site when classes are in session M/W/F, organize supply runs & errands to the bank & post office to fall on Tues or Thurs.


  • Provide welcoming reception during program hours.
  • Must be able to deal calmly & respectfully with any issues that arise.
  • Maintain email lists of all registered families.
  • Maintain & update the website canmorepreschool.com.
  • Coordinate, design, & book all advertising.
  • Coordinate & maintain the online registration process, including all family communications. 
  • Coordinate & prepare for the AGM & Registration annual meeting.
  • Communicate with all families about program fees, including overdue or unpaid amounts.
  • Provide assistance to the Board & the teachers regarding correspondence.
  • Provide continuity from year to year between Board members, teachers and parents.
  • Create and send thank you letters/receipts to all visitors and for donations.
  • Communicate with the Daycare about our shared facility.
  • Communicate with our landlord, the Town of Canmore.
  • Communicate with other program partners who provide support to children with special needs.
  • Respect students’ confidentiality.


  • Prepare, deposit & record registration and program fees.
  • Prepare, deposit & record all fundraising income and expenses.
  • Prepare & record all other Preschool expenses.
  • Prepare and record payroll, T4’s and T4 Summary, WCB correspondence.
  • Maintain liability insurance, & employee benefits.
  • Complete monthly bank reconciliations.
  • Send monthly financial reports to the Treasurer.
  • Prepare and submit the Society Annual Return.
  • Recruit volunteers for annual audit of financial records, & supervise their work. 


  • Maintain student records, including any allergy or medication documentation.
  • Maintain teacher records, including up to date qualifications & record checks.
  • Prepare for Licencing visits. Maintain all records and abide by all licencing rules and regulations.
  • Coordinate annual Health inspection.
  • Coordinate annual Fire inspection.
  • Coordinate monthly fire drills.
  • Coordinate monthly toy cleaning with parent volunteers.

Fundraising Support

  • Communicate with the Artisans Market Coordinator, providing any financial assistance – paying bills, recording payments, & providing supplies for the event.
  • Assist the Artisans Market Coordinator with accessing all their supplies in the preschool shed over the weekend & providing, managing, storing, & counting cash boxes over the weekend.
  • Maintain UPS mailbox off site for the Artisans’ Market.
  • Assist the Raffle Coordinator with organizing prizes & obtaining the license. 
  • Distribute & track all raffle tickets, including communicating with families about their responsibility to sell tickets.
  • Provide assistance to the Scholastic Book Order Coordinator and distribute flyers and book orders.
  • Ensure that the casino goes smoothly every 3 years.
  • Other fundraising support as required.

Board Member Support

  • Provide assistance to the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Newsletter Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator. 
  • Attend all meetings of the Board, excluding employee evaluation and salary negotiations. 
  • Book a location for the meeting each month.

Facilities & Maintenance

  • Oversee and coordinate all minor repairs and maintenance to the Preschool throughout the year, including any parent volunteers or contractors.
  • Communicate with the Town of Canmore about larger maintenance issues.
  • Supervise & communicate with the janitorial contractor.
  • Maintain adequate janitorial supplies throughout the year; purchase & pick up supplies.


  • Abide by the Preschool Employment Contract.
  • Abide by the Preschool Policy Manual.
  • Other duties as assigned by teachers or board.

Open until filled. Interested candidates, please submit your resume to Lindsey at:


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