Parent-of-the-Day Explained!

There are three types of volunteering you are making a commitment to perform when you enroll your child in preschool:

  • Act as Parent-of-the-Day about once a monthDepends on class type and size. Details below.
  • Sell raffle tickets in November. We will have other fundraisers, but the raffle is a big one, so we ask all families to participate.
  • Provide 4 hours of volunteer work per child per year. This could be help cleaning toys, or at the Christmas Artisans’ Market, or auditing the books, or lots more opportunities throughout the year. This is separate from Parent-of-the-Day.

Our provincial license as a preschool requires two adults to be present in the classroom during operation. To fulfill this our program relies on one teacher and one parent volunteer, a.k.a. Parent-of-the-Day. This is a system that keeps our fees low and our parent community involved, but it also means that without a parent helper, class may have to be cancelled!

Your presence in the classroom sends a strong message to your child about your interest and involvement in his or her education. As Parent of the Day, you obtain a good sense of what is happening in the classroom, allowing you to better talk with your child about their preschool experiences throughout the year.

All families must take their turn in assisting the teachers. This will mean coming in about once every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on class size. A calendar is posted outside the classrooms each month where parents sign up for shifts as Parent of the Day. If you are a working parent, it is your responsibility to find someone to take a turn in the classroom for you (i.e. grandparent, nanny, aunt, etc.) or to make other arrangements with the Preschool staff. If you are signed up for a day and are unable to attend, it is up to you to find a replacement or another parent to switch with you. If you find it difficult to join us approximately once a month, please speak with us about alternative arrangements.

We are once again offering an afternoon PreK class for the 2020-2021 school year that will have a paid assistant for 3 of the 4 days each week. This will help parents who are both working. Your commitment for Parent of the Day will be about three times a year, or once every 3 months. The children love to have their mom or dad come in to see what they do at school!


Room Parent

There is one more feature that helps smooth the Parent-of-the-Day system. Some parents will fulfill their volunteer commitment (4-hours per family per year; separate from Parent-of-the-Day commitment) by acting as a Room Parent. Each class will have one Room Parent for the entire year, and it is that parent’s job to make sure that the Parent-of-the-Day schedule is filled, and that everyone is taking their turn.

The Room Parent’s job is made easier as time goes on, as parents get to know one another, and through the use of an email list for parents of each class (so we appreciate your permission to share your email with the parents of your child’s classmates). Often, parents with babies and toddlers at home will get to know one another and trade babysitting on days they need to act as Parent-of-the-Day, or parents can ask their Room Parent to suggest such an arrangement as Room Parents develop a good sense of each family’s situation.


If any of this seems daunting, keep in mind four things:

  1. Preschoolers love to share their school experience with their mom or dad!
  2. We love to keep our program affordable!
  3. Every year we ask parents in our annual survey about their Parent-of-the-Day experience, and find that it is a highly valued piece of our program!
  4. If your schedule is very tricky, speak with Lindsey in the Preschool office!

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