The Canmore Preschool is a non-profit, parent-directed, cooperative educational program for 3- to 4-year-olds. We are the longest-running preschool in Canmore, providing outstanding education since 1972. Our programs loosely follow the Canadian Rockies Public Schools calendar from September to June.

Canmore Preschool Society is a separate organization from Canmore Community Daycare Society. We share the Roundhouse facility through a joint lease from the Town of Canmore. Canmore Preschool operates Pre-Kindergarten & 3yo Preschool programs in the Roundhouse. Canmore Community Daycare operates the JK and Before & After School care at Elizabeth Rummel School and the daycare in the Roundhouse.

Our Mission Statement 

We strive to foster in our children a lifetime love of learning and the skills to thrive within their community.

Our Philosophy 

Our program encourages learning through social play. We develop our students’ social, cognitive, gross, and fine motor skills, but we strive to do all this with enjoyment. Children learn a great deal through play… it’s their work. It provides a natural opportunity for young children to learn new skills and practice familiar ones. Playing and sharing in a group helps prepare a child to succeed in their future endeavors, whether in team sports, class projects, travel, work, or family life. We all need to learn to thrive within a community!


Learning through play!